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Welcome to Faerieland.... [Feb. 21st, 2008|06:08 pm]


Lost to Tír na nÓg
The Tale
We've all heard of faeries. Magical, mostly human looking things with wings, right?
The faerie are something other, something powerful and cruel, beautiful and kind. It all depends. But whatever the Fae are, they aren't boring.
Take this place. Tír na nÓg. Once a beautiful place of rest and ease. But then something changed. The Queen and her creatures saw the mortal world and wanted their own version. The King and his were quite content with their forests and glades. So the land was divided. Which gave those Fae with the ability to handle the poison, iron, a chance to break off into a third group under the Iron Lord.
Which leaves you mortals with a choice. Will you walk in the blinding light of the King, the shadows of the Queen, or the forges of the Iron Lord?
It's all part of everyday life Underhill.
The Infomation
This is a panfandom RPG that welcomes OCs. The whole point is the answer the question, what would happen to your character if they were dropped into faerieland with no way to escape?
The Specifics
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